Good Practices

01. Gift of Eid Festival for all of workers and employers.

02. Relief for the flood affected 1000 Peoples (Goyeshpur, Badalgashi, Naogaon).

03. Full time Electricity Facilities

04. Cash/Chaque Donation 

05. Annual Picnic since 2010 to till now.

06. Award for 5, 7 & 9 years old job holder in Knit Plus Ltd from 2010 to till now

07. Monthly Incentive for best performance of supervisor.

08. Facility for haz (Last 3 years off), will be start from this year.

09. Prayer facilities to deferent area for Male and Female workers and employers.

10. Gift (Shari & Lungi) for all Pion, cooker, Loader & cleaners.

11. Purified water for all workers and employers cool & Hot.

12. Discounted sanitary napkin for all female workers.

13. Food facilities for all of Staffs.

14. 2 pcs garments for all staffs at Eid Festival.

15. Land Purchase for 2 Landless Drivers.

16. Full medical subsidy for our two engineers.

17. Pension of one family (3000/= tk per month)

18. Blanket distribution for 3000 worker of Knit Plus Limited.

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